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August 27, 2020

Bank Account Searches

You are accountable for checking accounts that are opened in your name. For this reason, you ought to carefully track and manage any accounts. Some common factors exist for why there may be a savings account open in your name that escaped your radar. Some parents open cost savings accounts for their children and the children are unaware of it. 

Accounts likewise may be opened when you are the victim of identity theft. Begin by checking your credit report, because your credit report will note active accounts that are connected with you. If another person has opened a bank account in your name recently, it must be noted on your credit report. 

If you have an old account that has been inactive for a long time, the bank considers it “unclaimed” money. You can search for your name in each state where you have actually resided to examine whether forgotten accounts exist in your name. Talk to your mom, dad, and other family members. 

If you the debtor has money in a savings or inspecting account, consisting of joint accounts, with a bank, cooperative credit union, savings, and loan, or comparable financial institution, our private investigators and your attorney can assist in the seizure of money from any accounts we determine to help satisfy a judgment. In order to follow the letter of the law and to make sure extensive searches, investigators will only handle customers for bank accounts searches if they hold a judgment calling them the creditor and the topic of the examination as the debtor. 

If you or your client has a judgment, most banks can perform statewide, across the country and even worldwide checking account searches. 

Account numbers are not provided to adhere to numerous personal privacy laws. However, the type of account, banks branch place, and present balance, topic to security limitations, is supplied. These details can be used to take the funds you are owed. Please review carefully and make note of the rates for each private bank account located, as the number of checking accounts we will discover can not be understood previous to starting the search. 

If your company is associated with home loan financing, it is affected to some degree by a growing criminal danger which is home mortgage fraud. Our experts acknowledge the warning indications and understand what to do when mortgage scams happen. We can mitigate your business’s vulnerability to fraud and assistance to avoid losses. Home mortgage scams generally cover lying or misrepresenting the fact about one’s earnings or employment history to receive a loan. 

This remarkable upsurge has actually triggered loan providers and home mortgage insurance firms to allocate resources for examining cases where there is suspicion of fraud, particularly after a home has actually been foreclosed. If you presume scams, we advise retaining a qualified and accredited investigation firm to perform a quality control audit and find the bank accounts that you are searching for. Private investigators are well-versed in conducting field interviews, verifying present and previous occupancy and income, and examining loan files.