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Private Investigator Melbourne

Why Hire A Private Investigator in Melbourne?

Melbourne often tops the list of the most liveable cities in the world and that is for a good reason. The city has an excellent transportation system, there’s plenty of job opportunities, and a low crime rate. But of course, the locals are not exempted from the usual problems that people around the world are faced with.

In Victoria, the divorce rate is at its peak recently. There were a few crimes that have been reported and authorities have been criticised for failing to perform their duties. As one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia, Melbourne is getting congested and in only a few years, it could become one of the world’s most populous cities.

Although the rate of violent crimes in Melbourne is low compared to other major cities in the world, any lawyer will agree that it’s a pretty litigious city. But as with any dispute, the outcome will certainly be based on available pieces of evidence.

Collecting and documenting evidence is an essential step in every case regardless of whether you are going to appear in court or you’re just merely preparing yourself for the worst thing that could happen. When it comes to this, your best bet is to hire a professional investigator.

Investigators Australia consists of well-experienced private investigators that are experts when it comes to collecting evidence and carrying out investigative services such as background checks. They have dealt with all sorts of issues many times before and have the right knowledge and skills to investigate different kinds of cases.

These investigators have assisted different kinds of individuals, law firms, and even the government. They have several years of experience in the field of private investigations, especially in Melbourne.

Investigators Australia have the best private investigators in Melbourne who will be able to tackle any kind of issue, regardless of whether it concerns a family member, an employee, competitor, spouse, etc. With their professionalism, you can be guaranteed of discreet and professional service.

Who Are We? - Melbourne Private Investigations

With an office in Melbourne and several other offices all over Australia, our many years of experience have provided us with a wealth of knowledge in handling all kinds of private investigations.

Investigators Australia is your best partner in solving even the most complicated cases. We take pride in our ability to offer a broad range of investigative services not only in Australia but the rest of the world as well.

If you are curious about whether you could benefit from our services or not, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. You can call or email us and a private investigator ours will be happy to listen to your case. We also want to make sure that we have fully understand your case so we can come up with a plan to properly address it.

We provide Melbourne private investigation services to any individual or organisation for lawful purposes. In the past three decades, we’ve come to fully understand what our clients in Melbourne need and we were able to meet the standards that our clients expect from us.

How Does Hiring a Private Investigator Work?

If you haven’t tried hiring a private investigator in the past, taking the first step will be the most difficult. You might have some apprehensions but there’s really no need to worry. Here at Investigators Australia, our goal is to help all our clients in the most discreet way possible.

We are a premier private investigation firm in Melbourne that has built a reputation for being the best in the industry. The testimonials, feedback, and media appearances prove that we are really the best at what we do.

If you feel like you need our services, don’t hesitate to send us an email. You can also call us if you want to. Rest assured, everything will remain confidential.

Once we have gathered enough details about the subject as well as the circumstances surrounding your case, we’ll come up with a draft of our investigation strategy. We’ll share this with you along with the estimated cost. If you want to go with it, we’ll provide further instructions through email.

Where Are Our Investigators?

Our private investigators are working all over the world, providing services to our broad range of clients. Most of them are from Australia and others are from other parts of the world. We have a network of reliable and trusted Melbourne private investigators who are willing to listen to your concerns no matter how complicated they may be.

As one of the most experienced private investigation firms in Australia, private investigators Melbourne are aware that there are certain geographic factors that could hamper our investigation process. Melbourne is a busy metropolitan city and the streets can get crowded. So, if the subject of the investigation is travelling, it can be challenging to maintain ongoing contact.

But we are prepared to tackle these challenges and we have our own ways of addressing these difficulties. We’ll be using more than one private investigator if needed in order to maximise the possibility of maintaining contact with the subject that’s being investigated. It also minimises the risk of compromising the investigation.

We are well aware that there are several other challenges that can be a hindrance to our tasks, but given our experience in this field, we can assure that we would be able to go through these challenges and provide you with the best service.

When to Hire a Private Investigator Melbourne?

In any situation, always follow your instinct. So, if you feel like something is wrong, then get in touch with us so we can offer consultation. We won’t proceed with the investigation immediately. What we will do is to study your situation and come up with a plan on how we can resolve whatever it is that’s bothering you.

Some people try to do the investigation themselves but we’re here to tell you that that’s not the best thing to do. If you are not trained for this job, you might only cause more harm than good. It’s just not worth your time and effort. Leave it to us and we’ll handle it for you. Whether it has something to do with your personal life, professional career, business, or something else, we’ll do our best to provide the results that you need.

Melbourne Private Investigations

So, when is the best time to hire us? It’s when your gut is telling you something. Humans are blessed with instincts so take advantage of that. Besides, you won’t be bothered if it’s just nothing, right?

For your own peace of mind, call us today and we’ll provide a free consultation with a private investigator. Don’t wait for the time to come when everything will already be too late.

How to Solve Your Case?

Of course, different problems have different solutions. We will solve your case depending on the nature of the case, the facts involved, and the information provided.

If you decide to hire Investigators Australia as your private investigator in Melbourne, we want you to provide us with each and every tiny bit of information you can. From there, we will come up with strategies to best address your concern.

Before we proceed, we’ll share our strategies with you and wait for you to approve it before we go on with the case. We are open to suggestions as well so feel free to share any insights that you may have about the case.

If you need time to think it over, we’ll give you that. But remember that for time-sensitive issues, the sooner we start, the better the outcome will be.

Private Investigations Melbourne - Case Study

We’ll share an example of one case we’ve handled. It was for a client based in Melbourne who needed help locate a woman who he thought was living in Melbourne. The subject had a distinct name, which is why it was easy for her to skip tracing investigations.

But we found out later that she was involved in previous litigation cases. Our database didn’t reveal any up-to-date information about her and the latest data we had was about 7 years old.

In this case, it was very important for the private investigator to be resourceful and come up with creative ways on how to gather the latest information about this person. Our private detectives went as far as locating the co-residents of this person based on her last known address. Also, we researched every possible associate this person had contact with in the past.

By examining the database history carefully and locating one of her male associates, our private detectives found out that this male associate used to live just across the house of the subject we were investigating. We consider this an enormous coincidence or perhaps she had a relationship with that person and they lived together at some point.

Further research and background checks revealed that the male partner of our subject had moved interstate. So, our team of private investigators conducted fieldwork until we were able to confirm that our subject was still living with the male associate. In the end, our private investigation and tracing were successful to the delight of our client.

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If you are curious about whether you could benefit from our services or not, or if you would like more information on what we do, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free and private consultation.

You can call us or email us at support@australianinvestigation.com.au and our investigators would be happy to listen to your case.