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Background Checks

Background Checks for Personal or Business Use

Everyone has secrets, and in some cases, those secrets can impact the lives of others. There are many reasons why private investigators will perform a background check. Some clients who come to us are involved in litigation, some are in online relationships, and others are considering a business partnership. You may want to know every detail about a person or learn essential information. Whatever your reason, it is worthwhile to speak to an expert investigator who could help you uncover the truth about someone.

Background checks, and due diligence inquiries regarding a subject or business are important steps for creating a proposal for a business partnership or investment. A highly trained and experienced private investigator can assist with this and much more. Investigators Australia has been helping clients for over five years gain crucial information regarding businesses and individuals. Background checks can offer peace of mind, especially if the person you are closely associated with gives you an uneasy feeling.

What Are Background Checks Used For?

A background check is a process of looking up and compiling information about an individual whether it be for personal reasons, or for business use. Multiple types of background checks are used for different scenarios. Multiple pieces of information are gathered when conducting a background check such as:

  • Employment history
  • Criminal records
  • Financial records
  • Commercial records
  • Driving records
  • Education records

An employer performs employment background checks. Employers may run a background check to avoid hiring someone who can potentially threaten the workplace or become a liability. An employment background check is typically performed when someone applies for a job; it can also be done at any time the employer sees it is necessary. Employers use a candidate’s full name, date of birth, and address. An employment background check will include information and records for at least the last seven years. A background check may include:

  • a person’s work history
  • education
  • credit history
  • driving record
  • criminal record
  • medical history
  • use of social media
  • a drug screening

Criminal background checks are often required in cases where a person or business needs to know about any criminal activity involving violent crime, fraud, and embezzlement, or any felony convictions. This information is used to decide on employment, adoption, military enlistment, and even the purchase of a firearm. Depending on the type of job such as health care, there may be extensive regulations against hiring certain criminals depending on their conviction. A criminal background check will include:

  • National and international criminal databases
  • Sex offender registry’s
  • Country, state and city criminal records

Universal Background Checks are performed anytime a person attempts to purchase a firearm from a licensed manufacturer or dealer. The reason why a person may not pass a gun background check may include a felony offence or other types of criminal convictions, anyone with an arrest warrant, domestic violence convictions, illegal citizens, and disqualifying mental health records.

OIG Background Checks are performed to prevent people who have committed healthcare-related crimes to work in health care programs. Many employers may run the OIG background check before hiring an employee at any healthcare facility or medical environment.

Fingerprint Background Checks, also known as an identity history summary, is used in conjunction with other forms of background checks as part of a pre-employment screening process. A fingerprint background check is mandatory for government institutions such as public schools, airports, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, and emergency personnel centres. It may also be required for those in industries such as real estate, medical care, finance, casinos, and pharmacies. Using a candidate’s fingerprint can give an accurate read of a person’s criminal history from authorised criminal justice agencies including arrest and disposition reports. This is one of the most secure background checks as it is nearly impossible to fake a fingerprint.

International Background Checks are performed on candidates who have recently lived, worked, or studied in a different country. The employer may run an international background check in addition to its regular employment background checks. With the international background check the employer can get an international criminal record, and education and employment verification. Each country requires clearing documents to perform the check such as full name and a copy of a government-issued ID such as a passport.

Credit Background Checks, also known as a credit report, is a record of a person’s credit to debt ratio that shows how someone has managed their credit as well as paid bills in the past. Many companies who work in the financial industry require a credit background report. A credit report typically includes:

  • Payment history
  • Judgements
  • Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Unpaid bills in collections
  • Credit inquiries

Personal Background Checks shows you what an employer or business would see when they run a background check on you. Finding out what they turn up on your background check is a good way to address potential errors you could find. It is common for there to be mistakes in the public information database, and if you discover and address potential errors before an employer or creditor sees them you can potentially save yourself for missing out on an opportunity.

Professional license background checks verify that an applicant does indeed possess a valid license as claimed and can be an important step and protecting the employer from negligent hiring claims. Specific industries rely on a professional license to ensure that people working in that industry had the experience and credentials required for performing that job. Industries that may require a professional license background check may include:

  • financial service industries
  • real estate
  • accounting
  • banking
  • insurance
  • contractors
  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • professors
  • teachers
  • education administrators

Knowing what type of background check you need to run for your specific industry can help you in many business making decisions. Personal background checks also have many benefits, especially in protecting the ones you love.

What Are The Benefits Of Running A Background Check?

From a business standpoint, there are many benefits to performing a background screening, especially when hiring employees, or when partnering with another individual for a business endeavour. Some of these benefits include:

  • reduced workplace violence
  • reduction in negligent hiring liability
  • reducing losses from employee dishonesty
  • choosing the right people for the job
  • avoiding negative publicity
  • higher quality applicants for a position
  • discourages applicants who are trying to hide something
  • increases the quality of the overall workplace performance
  • Allows you to meet regulations, insurance, and customer requirements

When it comes to your business, performing background checks will help your organisation be more successful. The benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to performing a background check, especially in a business setting. When you are developing a relationship with another business, performing various types of background checks helps you to ensure that you can trust the individual you are partnering with. The reality is not everyone is honest about their past. Partnering with another individual or business that has had dirty dealings in the past can not only ruin your businesses reputation but can ruin you financially as well.

How Do Investigators Perform Background Checks?

Background checks range from a simple verification of a person’s resume to a more extensive search of credentials such as addresses, driving record, and criminal history. The more sensitive the position, the more extensive the background check tends to be. Families who are hiring someone to work in their homes such as a nanny or caretaker for an elderly relative want to be sure they’re not hiring someone who has a criminal record. Businesses, particularly ones who are in the finance industry, will want to run background checks to ensure they’re not hiring a former thief.

Investigators use various methods to conduct a background check. As a general rule, businesses should not take adverse action against an applicant or an employee based solely on information gathered through a database search. This is where hiring an investigator to perform your background check can benefit you the most. Investigators use many sources to gather information on an individual so that you have everything you need to make the best decision for your company. Some methods used to conduct a background check include:

  • personal history and references
  • criminal records
  • social media
  • character reference checks
  • identity and address verification
  • credit checks
  • public records

Investigators have the skills and know-how to perform thorough background checks on any individual, whether it be for a business or personal reason. First impressions are everything, but many dishonest people are very good at hiding their past. Therefore, it’s essential before you bring anyone into your personal or business life, that you know exactly whom you’re dealing with.

Things to Consider When Reviewing the Results of a Background Check

Getting involved with a business that you are not familiar with or entering a business relationship with an already established company requires you to do some homework to protect yourself. Most people are familiar with background checks as a way to spare themselves from potential threats, from online dating scams, renting a property, or employee screening. However, it is important to understand that background checks served a valuable purpose from a business standpoint. When reviewing a background check on a business you want to look at all legal, financial, and business background information of a company. You want to be sure that the other party is honest, forthcoming, and worth investing in, and a background check is the best way to do this.

When reviewing a background check, you don’t just want to look at the legal and financial history of a company or individual. It would be best if you also learned about their standing with clients in the community an even investigate employees and owners’ histories. A business is made up of not just the people who run it, but the clients and customers who contribute to the profits of the business. If the clients are unhappy, or the business has a bad reputation, partnering with that business whether it be working together or investing in their expansion can greatly impact your reputation.

When looking at the employees of a business, you are not just looking at how well they perform for the business, but the type of person they are. You want to be sure you are not partnering with the business that tends to hire untrustworthy or sketchy individuals. From a personal standpoint, if you are running a background check on an individual to conduct business with them, or develop a personal relationship with them, you don’t want to focus on their character alone. Running a background check gives you a clear picture of a person’s past, how responsible a person is, and their reputation.

Bringing someone into your life whether it be for business or personal reasons can be very stressful especially if you don’t know the person that well. Running a background check can give you a clear picture of whom you’re working with. There are many benefits to performing a background check on an individual. Safety is the biggest and most important reason why you should always perform a background check on a company or individual. The things that happened in someone’s past, before they entered your life, could drastically impact your future.

Investigators Australia digs deep to learn about a company or individual when performing a background check. Performing a background check on someone whether you are a business or an individual, can protect you from extensive legal battles later. Our goal is to keep our clients safe, which is why we work so hard at ensuring that no stone is left unturned. When you come to Investigators Australia for a background check, we take it very seriously. When we perform a background check, we make sure we provide every detail necessary to help you make the right decision. Contact us today to learn more about how a background check can protect you.