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Bug Sweeps

When it comes to Bug Detection services and deployment of listening devices for various purposes, Investigators Australia is the best choice for you.

Investigators Australia makes use of top-notch, modern equipment to deliver the best possible services you can get. The equipment and investigations are handled by well-trained, professional staff.

Our professionals are kept updated on the latest changes and developments in the world of investigation and bug detection. Our establishment can be trusted to deliver the best services in this line of work.

Investigators Australia Has Licensed Investigators

Due to the fact that several states frown at the use of listening devices, Investigators Australia doesn’t deal with the installation of such devices.

States that do not allow the use of these devices dish out severe fines and possible imprisonment for violators. However, you can be rest assured that Investigators Australia has all the necessary qualifications to carry out investigative works.

To be successful in this line of work, you need to meet some certain requirements in terms of skill and experience. There are a lot of surveillance groups and investigative teams out there that are not qualified to be carrying out this type of work.

The good news is, here at Investigators Australia, our team of technical professionals is well trained, updated, and has experience in police counter-surveillance and deployment of surveillance electronics.

There have been several instances where important information has been intercepted and used against people due to the lack of proper conversation security. Investigators Australia has a lot of protocol put in place to secure your conversation lines, computer transmissions, intellectual property, and all of your other movements and transactions.

In this line of business, it is important to respect and strictly follow all existing confidentiality laws. Our establishment prides itself in the due process that it has laid out to ensure the protection of your intellectual property and confidentiality.

It is normal for clients to have the fear of losing information shared in confidence to the opposition. This is why we want you to be rest assured that whatever you share with us in confidence will not be leaked to anyone.

Corporate Bug Sweep

Investigators Australia provides comprehensive and extensive bug sweeps that are guaranteed to locate any listening devices or bugs that have been planted within your private/confidential space. Investigators Australia helps its clients with tips and precautionary measures on how to prevent bugging and interception of confidential information.

Our establishment also prides itself in identifying and exposing the individuals responsible for bugging your personal space and intercepting your information. Some clients usually want to move their business to a new location and they would need professional consultants in the process. Investigators Australia provides such clients with the best consultants that will help them relocate and also prevent any bugging or data-interception incidences in the future.

It's Easy for Everybody to Eavesdrop

In today’s society, it is easy for almost anyone to eavesdrop. This can be attributed to the rapid development of cutting-edge technology and the widespread usage of these devices. A lot of electronic listening devices can be easily purchased at stores for small prices.

Just take a look at your iPhone or Android device and you will see that these devices are highly capable of being used as listening devices. Smartphones are equipped with high-quality, long-range cameras and voice recorders. Anyone with the intention of spying on your business, or intercepting your confidential information, simply has to position themselves at a close distance and hide the phone in their bag or pocket. Smartphone voice recorders have a long listening range and can last for a considerable amount of time so long as they’re well charged.

Apart from the impressive smartphones at everyone’s disposal, there are even much smaller and ingenious listening devices with their full purpose of manufacture is to spy. Because of how small and concealable they are, these devices are even easier to hide on oneself. Someone that is fitted with such a device can walk up to you and collect important information without you suspecting anything.

These listening devices can also be used to bug your office or your home – they can be delivered to you like a Trojan horse. Investigators Australia is skilled in detecting bugs and disabling them. We have collected several of these bugs over the years as trophies that show our years of skill and experience.

What Should You Do If You Think You Have Been Bugged

It is important that you proceed with caution when you suspect that you’re being listened on. If you think your office space or home has been bugged with a listening device, you need to make sure that you do not continue discussing confidential information in such places.

You need to make sure that important discussions are taken away from the bugged space to some other secure location. Based on experience, there’s a huge chance that your car has also been bugged if your office space or home has been bugged.

If you suspect that your office or home has been bugged and you need to contact Investigators Australia for help, you have to do it the right way. This means that you should contact us via a secure line – a secure line is any mobile-phone or email that hasn’t been linked with installed comms in the bugged areas. Place your calls from a secure location. When you’re trying to reach us, make sure that you’re far away from areas that you suspect to have been bugged.

When carrying out investigative work in your office area, we need to make sure that people are not still at work. This is why Investigators Australia delivers services at any time of the day, all through the year. We are available to do security sweeps and checks at your workplace before and after work hours. This is because investigations need to be done in confidence and shouldn’t attract outside attention.

You can get to know more about our line of work if you read up on private investigators online.