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Cheating Partner Investigations

Cheating Partner Investigations with Investigators Australia

Suspecting your partner may be cheating can be one of the most difficult events of your relationship. It can leave you feeling betrayed, hurt, and may even cause you to lose confidence in yourself. Nothing hurts more than the betrayal of suspecting or finding out your partner is cheating. Even the best cheater, leaves clues behind of their dishonest adventures. Knowing what to look for will not only help you catch them in the act but can help you find the right investigator to assist you.

Deciding to hire an investigator to shed light on the situation is no easy task but can help you find out the truth. If you are married to your partner, an investigator can help you collect the evidence you need for court. Having evidence of your spouse’s infidelity can help protect you during a messy legal battle in divorce court. Investigators Australia has been helping clients for over five years find the truth with our cheating partner investigation services. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Signs Your Partner is Cheating

There are many reasons why you may suspect your partner is cheating. In many cases, you may have a gut instinct that something isn’t right. If this is you, don’t ignore it. Your instincts rarely steer you wrong. Even if you tried to ignore some of the warning signs of an affair, denial would only hurt you later. Don’t ignore the signs of a cheating partner. There are many signs that can suggest your partner may be cheating. Some of these signs include:

  • Secretive phone or computer use
  • Long periods where your partner is unreachable
  • Less intimate time together
  • More hostile towards you
  • Altered schedule (working late when they usually don’t)
  • Friends avoid you or are uncomfortable around you
  • Unexplained expenses (lying about transactions or trying to hide transactions)
  • No longer interested in spending time together
  • When you question them about cheating, they get defensive or change the subject
  • Become emotionally abusive
  • Pick fights for no reason
  • Consistently lying to you about various things they normally wouldn’t lie about

Keep in mind that these signs individually may mean that a person is unfaithful. However, if you have a gut feeling or your partner is showing more than a few of these signs, then you should consider hiring a private investigator to help you get the answers you deserve.

The Do’s And Don’ts – If You Suspect Your Partner Is Cheating

If you suspect your partner is cheating, your initial response may be to lash out and become confrontational with your partner by accusing him or her of any wrongdoing. When emotions are involved people tend to act before thinking. If you confront your partner before you have physical proof of the act of infidelity, it can be hard to prove it. If your partner is doing something wrong, whether it be cheating or something else such as drugs, gambling or an alcohol addiction, you will need proof of the issue before you can properly decide how to move forward with your life.

Another mistake many people make is trying to investigate their partner themselves. If you get caught, you will do more damage to your investigation, and you would have to confront your partner yourself. Some people say that it is always best to be open and honest with your partner about your feelings. The problem with this statement is that cheaters are liars. They have already proven they are willing to be deceitful just by having an affair, so chances are if you ask them about the affair, they will lie to you.

If you hire an investigator and don’t get proof of an affair, you can always go back and talk to your partner about your fears and feelings later from a better point of view.  There are many things you can do if you have a feeling that your partner is cheating. If you are married, how you address this suspicion can drastically impact the outcome you will receive in divorce court. Things you shouldn’t do includes:

  • Don’t react immediately
  • Never ask them for all the details, this will only create more stress and tension
  • Don’t blame yourself
  • Don’t compare yourself to the other person
  • Don’t go into denial
  • Don’t post it on social media
  • Don’t offer instant forgiveness
  • Never try to get even
  • Don’t revenge cheat
  • Don’t destroy your partners belongings
  • Don’t empty the bank accounts
  • Don’t make major life decisions
  • Don’t let another dictate whether you stay or leave

Now that we’ve discussed what you shouldn’t do when you suspect your partner is cheating let’s discuss things you should do when you suspect your partner or spouse is cheating. These things include:

  • Contact a private investigator at Investigators Australia
  • Identify your feelings towards the suspicion
  • Try to talk to your partner about your suspicions, concerns, and feelings
  • Observe their reaction and body language when you approach them about your concerns
  • Don’t accuse your partner of cheating without having physical proof of the affair
  • Ask your partner to be honest about the affair without actually providing you with details about the affair.
  • Focus on your own self-care both physically and emotionally.

Once you have established proof and confronted your partner about the suspected affair, you can begin the process of moving forward with your own life. Knowing what to do and what not to do in this situation is very important so you can avoid putting yourself in jeopardy during the legal battle you may face after confronting your partner.

How Do Our Investigators Conduct a Cheating Partner Investigation?

We believe that a physical proof of infidelity offers a great deal of peace of mind to the client. Video footage of your partner showing any form of affection to another person or going into a home or hotel with that person can make all the difference in a divorce hearing where the cheating partner may be denying the affair. No one can deny video evidence against them. A highly trained investigator will find more information in less time because they are emotionally detached from the situation. Video or photographic evidence is much more objective than text messages, GPS data, overheard conversations, or rumours. Gaining physical evidence can help you get your life back because you now have the truth.

So how do we get the physical evidence you are looking for? Our investigators are licensed, experienced, and skilled in investigations, especially in the form of surveillance. Investigations can differ from client to client but may include:

  • Discussing with the client about why they feel like their partner is cheating, what signs have they spotted, what has changed in their relationship, and much more.
  • Surveillance, whether it be in the form of video or photographic surveillance, can provide you with the evidence you need to prove the guilt or innocence of an unfaithful partner.
  • Presentation of evidence to the client, as well as in court can not only help the client get the proof they need but provide the courts with the proper evidence to make the right decisions in legal battles related to divorce cases.

Surveillance is an investigation technique that involves one or multiple investigators following and watching a subject at any given time. The investigator will discreetly take footage and document their observations when possible. Surveillance may be conducted on foot, in a vehicle, and at any location. Even though no one knows what will happen in the future, planning an investigation can ensure the investigator has all the information they need to find the evidence a client is looking for successfully.

How Does Surveillance Evidence Help You

An investigator is unbiased and knowledgeable about family law; therefore their evidence will stand up in court. Many people get a feeling before a partner is up to something. When that feeling arises, it’s important to contact an investigator. You may only get one chance to prove the truth and acting as soon as you suspect an affair is very important to get that evidence.

It doesn’t cost anything to talk to a private investigator about your options. If you are suspicious of your partner, don’t stress yourself out or cause yourself any unnecessary worry. A large majority of our cheating partner investigations can be the chain breaker in the course of your relationship. Even if you never actually prove an act of infidelity, surveillance can often help you find the information necessary to understand the truth about what is going on.

Everyone deserves peace of mind, especially when they are worried that their partner is unfaithful. As mentioned before, it is never wise to confront your partner before you have all the proper evidence. In some cases, it isn’t wise to confront your partner after you obtain proof because they may hide their assets and income. Some partners even make false claims about abuse by former partners. Collecting evidence in these areas is best done before you separate and can help protect you and your case. Our investigator can help you in properly gathering the right information and inform you on when and how to approach your partner once an affair is confirmed.

Investigators Australia is there to help you through cheating partner investigations, divorce, child custody, property settlements, hidden assets, location of stolen children, detecting stalking, proof of income in child support cases and surveillance. Our services are designed to help all our clients experiencing a cheating partner situation, collect the right evidence to prove infidelity and help them through the possibly messy divorce process.

Your suspicion about an unfaithful partner can arise for an event, lie, or change in behaviour. In a large majority of cases, your instincts are never wrong. If your instincts are telling you that something isn’t right, go with your instincts and hire an investigator to uncover the truth. The ability to detect when something is wrong can offer many benefits such as peace of mind and make it easier to move on from a heartbreaking event. If you suspect your partner is cheating, don’t wait till its too late. Contact Investigators Australia today to learn what you can do to find out the truth and get your life back.

Our investigators can not only help you with proving infidelity but can also help with child custody disputes, property settlements, hidden assets, locating children, stalking, proof of income and child support. All of these issues are many you may have to face when you start the divorce process after proving an affair. We have many years of experience in helping our clients determine if their partner, who once treated them with much love and compassion, is having an affair with someone else. Our goal throughout the entire process is to ensure you find the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today to learn more how our cheating partner investigations can help you find the answers you are looking for.