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Digital Forensics Investigations

Digital Forensics at Investigators Australia

Digital forensics is the classification that covers the application of scientific methods and knowledge to analyse digital evidence in legal matters. During an investigation whether criminal or civil, evidence is collected from crime scenes, people, documents, and places of interests for analysis. The evidence is then sent to a forensic laboratory or investigation firm such as Investigators Australia for analysis. Forensic experts are often required to perform tasks that can go beyond evidence gathering and reporting. A court may require experts to engage in opposing sides to meet and reach an agreement in a dispute.

Investigators Australia provides digital forensic services to individuals, lawyers, government officials, and businesses. Our digital forensic experts are essential to our team of investigators for instances related to cybercrime, data breaches, or misconduct by an employee. If you need computer, phone, online, or other forms of digital evidence for court, or simply for your own peace of mind, Investigators Australia can help. Our digital forensic technicians are accredited experts who can help you with all your digital forensic needs.

What are Digital Forensics?

The internet and modern communication networks are still in a state of development. Therefore, police and lawyers rarely have the expertise needed to solve digital problems in an efficient and timely manner. A computer forensic expert is the only person who is qualified to examine hard drives, mobile phones, or other online data, to prepare a report on the data found in a format that can be used in court. Even if your issues aren’t going to court, we can help you find the truth you are looking for, no matter what the issue may be.

There are various fields of digital forensics that experts use to gather information. These fields can be used individually or together to piece together information for a case. Some of these fields most used by investigators include:

  • Computer Forensics

Computer forensic technicians are licensed experts who can help you. The internet is a great tool that has become essential to our daily lives. It allows us to stay in touch with friends, conducting business, locating goods and services, learning, and much more. However, despite all the positive benefits we have from the internet, it can become a source for fraudsters and organised crime that can operate undetected by the average internet user. Investigators Australia has a vast amount of experience in dealing with issues of cyber-crime. We have a large forensics team that deals with issues of data recovery, discovery and retrieval. We do not outsource your data and intellectual property to third parties so you know you can trust us with even your most delicate information.

  • Mobile Device Forensics

Our digital forensics team can help you with any mobile device investigations. We examine phones, tablets, or other mobile devices to uncover any data necessary for a court hearing, or to help you find the peace of mind you are looking for. Our experts can uncover or detect items such as deleted data, photos, emails, videos, audio, internet history, spyware, malware, social media data, location history and much more. Evidence such as this may be relevant in family law disputes, to prove one’s guilt or innocence, to disprove any allegations made in a civil dispute, or improper phone use by an employee that could result in the loss of business data.

  • Spyware and Hacking detection

The interception of phone conversations, text messages, and emails is a serious issue. Beware as some investigators are offering these services which are not licensed to handle these issues. This is why Investigators Australia has a team of digital forensic specialists that are licensed and experts in using the latest techniques along with top of the line software programs to catch and stop fraudsters from stealing your information. Some spyware and hacking issues are easy to resolve. However, others can require a much higher level of expertise. No matter how large the issue, Investigators Australia has everything we need to trace the spyware and hacking devices to find the person behind the crime.

  • Data Breach Investigations

There are hundreds of ways data can fall into the wrong hands. Investigators Australia has tons of experience paired with the best digital forensic specialists to help you stop the breach and protect your intellectual property. Data breaches come in many forms such as unauthorised access to information, hacking, and careless disposal of computers and other devices. Data breaches are much more common than you may expect and can affect your life and your business more than you may ever realise. Breaches can reveal financial information, personal identity, health records, business trade secrets, confidential information, and employee information. One of the most major concerns about a data breach is that the security of your information is no longer in your control. Data breaches can occur from careless mistakes and can be difficult to fix. That’s why you need someone who is an expert in all types of data breach situations to not only stop the attack but help you secure your information so it can’t be used to do you or your business any harm.

  • Online Harassment Investigations

Unfortunately, victims of online harassment or cyber-stalking may not always get the help they need from the police. This is where private investigators and digital forensic experts come in. Investigators Australia can help victims manage their cases of internet stalking and abuse. If you are a victim of online harassment, don’t take any action without first contacting our team of investigators. Removing the content or blocking the stalker doesn’t solve the problem and can make it harder to handle your case. Our investigators use digital forensic techniques to uncover the culprits IP address and find out exactly who is behind the behaviour. Once we know where the attacks are coming from and the person is hiding, it can be much easier for police to take over and hold the person accountable.

  • IP Address Identification

Investigators Australia uses IP Address Identification to trace emails, social media accounts, and more back to their source. Situations such as online threats, defamation, harassment, and spyware intrusions are extremely common making it much more common for users to find the person who is responsible for the offensive behaviour. If you are suffering from any of these attacks, we can help.

  • Online Dating

Online dating has become a much more common way to meet new people and find romance. Which means it is also the most common scam on the internet. To avoid dating site scams it’s important to know exactly who you are talking too. Catfish, predators who fake their identity, are all over dating sites and are only out to hurt you. If you think you have fallen victim to an online dating site scam, contact our investigators at Investigators Australia.

  • Audio and Video Analysis

There are many scenarios where expert testimony is necessary for audio, video, and voice recordings that are disputed or unclear. Our experts at Investigator Australia have the expertise, technology, and qualifications to help in providing forensic reports about audio and video evidence.

If you need any form of digital forensic reports for evidence whether it be for a court case or personal use, Investigators Australia has you covered. With our expert specialists in digital forensics, we can get you everything you need to win your case and get the answers you deserve.

How Can Digital Forensic Services Help You?

Evidence gathering performed by Investigators Australia has been used to win major court cases for over five years successfully. We help our clients collect and report the evidence necessary for all types of issues about their personal or business life. Our digital forensic services can help if you are victim of internet crime and need to identify the offender via an IP address. You may need to conduct a due diligence investigation regarding someone whom you’ve met online, or your business may need to track the source of a potential hacking attempt. Whatever the case may be, Investigators Australia is there for you with the proper experience and expertise to protect your intellectual property and yourself.

In many cases, victims of a cyber attack will go to the police for assistance only to learn that there is little help available to them. You are obligated to report serious online crimes to police. However, the police may not have the resources to help you or the many victims of online crime. Therefore, there is little law enforcement can do to help. Lawyers are not experts in collecting evidence, only in presenting it. That’s why you need a specialist who will help you solve an online problem by gathering all the evidence necessary to bring the suspect of online crime to justice.

Why Would You Need Digital Forensic Services?

Many digital investigators need expertise that goes beyond just computer forensics. Therefore, it is important to engage in a broad-based investigation firm such as Investigators Australia. We can assist you in all aspects of a claim. Evidence gathering by Investigators Australia in a forensic matter can be used to win many court cases and bring an online criminal to justice.

There are many reasons why a digital investigator may be needed. So many in fact that it can be hard to list them all, but some of the most common examples are listed above. If you need proof in a criminal or civil matter or want to see if your suspicions about a particular issue is true, digital forensics can help you. A computer, phone or online investigator could be necessary to gather evidence about a particular employee whom you suspect is acting outside of their professional boundaries, or if you think your computer may have been infected with spyware or malware. These services can also help if you suspect that hackers may have penetrated your business network. We can even help if you have fallen victim of a scam from an online vendor or auction site seller. Digital technology provides a considerable advantage for many reasons, but many businesses and individuals do not understand that various risks posed until they fall victim.

Investigators Australia has a team of amazing digital forensic specialists that are ready to help you get the evidence you need to solve any criminal or civil problem you may be dealing with. Protect your intellectual property, your business, and your identity from unwanted attacks with the help of digital forensic services provided by Investigators Australia.

If you’ve fallen victim to a cyber-attack or scam, don’t try to resolve the issue yourself. Place the matter in the hands of experts who can bring the cyber-criminal to justice. The internet has thousands of benefits and even more threats. Knowing what to look for is the first step in protecting yourself. If you want to learn more about how we can help you stop an attack as well as preventing another one from happening, contact us today. We are here to protect you and help you find the justice you deserve. Don’t wait, call Investigators Australia today.