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Family Law Investigations

There are several cases of family disputes where a private investigator was called to help and tangible results were achieved. You can hire a private investigator if you have a case of that type – just make sure the investigator is from a trustable establishment.

There are a lot of pressures and heavy-weighing impacts that are associated with family-related disputes and conflicts. It is common for people in such situations to make bad calls that they would regret later on.

It is important for anyone currently battling a family dispute to proceed with caution. So as not to make any bad decisions that you will later regret, it is advised that you seek professional help from certified investigators. Do not put off reaching out for professional help so it doesn’t become too late for you.

Before things get out of hand and you have to rely on a court to settle your family disputes, you should get a private investigator on the scene. Family disputes can be a result of suspected drug addiction, alcoholism, a secret affair, or gambling problems in a family member.

When you hire a private investigator, the professional can help in confirming those suspicions to be either true or false – based on the result of this probing, the next move to be made will be decided. It would be really bad if the suspicions causing the dispute are false. This is why the private investigator should be called in time to prevent things from unnecessarily escalating.

Based on the present agreements that have been established between you and the partner in conflict, there are certain protocols that will stem from the agreement. Some conflicts lead to separation of partners and the custody of their kid(s) will be settled by a court if they can’t reach an agreement between each other.

There are also some relationship types that require you to reach financial-based agreements between you and your conflicting partner – this type of agreement can also be reached via the decision ruled by a court. You can read further on custody and financial investigations below.

Due to the nature of some conflicts or disputes, the police might not really be effective in helping you. Some of these issues are cases of stalking, harassment, cyber-bullying, threats from a former spouse, and the likes. In situations like these, it is good for you to seek the help of a certified forensic investigator who will help expose the perpetrator and advise you on precautionary methods you can apply to secure yourself.

There are some other situations where one partner has defrauded the other through certain means and the help of a private investigator was deployed in bringing the offender to justice.

How Can We Help You in Custody Disputes?

It is important that kids are placed in the custody of the more capable partner (in terms of emotional care and financial strength) so as to avoid any maltreatment of the children. A qualified investigator can help in providing actionable evidence that singles you out as the more capable partner. Never take the safety of your kids lightly.

The hired professional will deploy different surveillance methods to catch the incapable partner in an act of recklessness or negligence towards the child whose custody is being battled for. The investigator’s surveillance can also help to identify any act of court order negligence or breaching by the ex-partner.

Property and Financial Settlement Investigations

Anytime there’s a dispute or conflict between former partners, there is usually one financial dispute or another that stems from the separation. Sometimes, a partner may be keeping some assets, income, or other earnings in secret.

This is usually done in a bid to avoid or evade a financial settlement deal that was earlier reached between both partners. Some partners also run away from their financial dedications towards the care of the kid(s). You can always hire a professional investigator to probe into the case and provide actionable evidence against the partner in question.

A private investigator will deploy a set of tactical approaches to expose any hidden financial earnings that the ex-partner is keeping. The investigator achieves this by doing a comprehensive database search. Apart from the suggestions that the investigator gives to help you proceed with caution, unequivocal evidence is also provided for the court and Child Support Agency to use.

Stalking and Illegal Monitoring

If you are a victim of Stalking, Harassment, Cyber-bullying, or illegal monitoring, you might not be getting much help from the police due to the nature of these crimes.

You should call a qualified private investigator as soon as possible to help with the scary situation. There are times when these safety-threatening acts are usually stopped by identifying who the perpetrator is while in some other cases the victim’s personal safety is focused on.

It would be easier for the police to step in and handle the situation if they can be provided with actionable evidence against the suspected former partner. This is why having a trusted investigator on the scene is paramount. The investigator can deploy digital forensics and surveillance to get hold of the needed evidence and hand it over to the police.

Regardless of the services provided by the investigator, you still need to inform the police of any suspicious activities that are threatening your personal safety.

Breach of Court Orders

There have been several cases in the past where a partner refuses to take responsibility for their financial commitment based on the agreement reached between both sides in the conflict.

Situations like this require actionable evidence to be provided against the partner in question. Other cases of family disputes involve one partner breaching court orders like the AVO, IVO, DVO, and other orders that are put in place to protect you from intimidation, harassment, and unwanted contact.

Investigators can also be called in these situations to provide useable evidence against the partner in question.