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Private Investigator Surveillance

If you have a gut feeling that someone is doing something suspicious, whether it’s business-related or related to your personal life, then you might need to hire a private investigator to investigate on your behalf. The investigator is licensed to conduct monitoring or surveillance for legal purposes and will then provide you with a report of this person’s whereabouts, actions, etc.

The need to hire a private investigator for surveillance is common in a commercial setting and also during family conflicts and disputes. If someone is trying to make claims that you know aren’t true, such as that of an alleged illness of one of your employees, conducting surveillance is the only way to uncover the truth.

Putting a person on surveillance is the only way to know if he or she is indeed doing something fishy. Businesses involved in a commercial dispute can also benefit from hiring an investigator that can conduct monitoring of a competitor involved in the dispute. Sometimes, parents fighting over custody can hire the services of private investigators to closely monitor his or her partner and discover any wrongdoing that you can use in court.

Whatever your situation is, if you believe that close surveillance is the only solution to your circumstances, then get in touch with us now so we can do a free consultation and come up with the best course of action.

Why is Video and Photo Surveillance Useful?

Surveillance is the best tool to use when collecting evidence against a business or individual. In this day and age where installing CCTV cameras has become the norm, surveillance can mean many things. But it’s different if you hire a trained private investigator to carry out surveillance.

Private investigators will also rely on CCTV cameras and other tools for their operation. Sometimes, they rely on online mapping tools for their investigation. What investigators do today is pretty much the same as what the investigators in the past did. They would monitor the subject and then document the pieces of evidence they had gathered as a result of the surveillance.

But despite the fact that people now have access to cameras, have you ever wondered why people would still need to hire a private investigator? That’s because these professionals are trained, licensed, and have the resources to closely monitor a subject without the risk of getting jeopardised. Indeed, the surveillance services of Investigators Australia guarantee the best results.

Why You Need Surveillance Services?

There are many situations where surveillance can be a great help. Sometimes, it might just be the only way to get peace of mind. We also play an important role in gathering pieces of evidence that can be used during court hearings.

Here are examples of situations where our surveillance service can be a big help;

Surveillance is the best way to know where a particular person lives, who their seeing, etc. If you are doubtful about someone and you feel like he or she is doing something fishy behind your back, then this is the only way to find out. This is usually common among domestic partners. If someone is suspecting his/her partner to be unfaithful, then surveillance is the only way to prove it.

For employers who are suspicious about their employees, surveillance might be the only way to rule out your doubts. By maintaining close surveillance with the person, we’ll know if he or she is involved in theft and other illegal activities that are against your company policies. For divorce or separation cases, we can help gather evidence of infidelity that can prove to be extremely useful in court.

In custody battles, our surveillance services can help prove to the court that a certain parent is not suitable.

Business owners can also use our surveillance services to prove that a competitor has breached licensing laws.

We can also monitor a franchise to see if it’s operating in breach of contract.

For family members who are suspecting a certain relative of drug addiction or gambling issues, we can do the surveillance for you. We’ll gather enough evidence and document it to your advantage.

For parents who are worried about their kids’ whereabouts, we can help establish whom your son or daughter is mixing up with.

How Will Surveillance Help You?

You will never know the real character of a person you doubt unless you closely monitor his or her activities.

Investigators Australia has dealt with so many cases over the years and our surveillance agents were able to successfully uncover the deception that could cost our client millions of dollars if it continued to go on. This is both applicable in commercial matters and family concerns.

We were able to gather pieces of evidence of a rebellious employee that has justified his dismissal. We’ve also helped prove our clients claims about his partner’s infidelity and other wrongdoings. Our investigators have also been successful in revealing the real disease of our client’s partner that could have possibly made our clients catch such illness.

As you see, surveillance is the only way to save you from serious trouble. Whatever the situations are, our commitment is to give our clients peace of mind by gathering pieces of evidence to their advantage.

Why Hire Us?

We are a licensed private investigation firm and have worked with big corporations and law firms in the past. Our clients are pleased with our services simply because we take the time to understand the issue well and carefully establish a plan before we execute our investigation.

In every surveillance operation that we conduct, Investigators Australia will provide clients with a comprehensive and detailed report of the evidence we have gathered. This can come in the form of DVDs with the video footage that we have taken during our operation.

All our private investigators have been trained and are government-licensed.