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Video And Photographic Surveillance

Video and Photographic Surveillance

Investigators Australia has been in business for over five years. We provide outstanding services that exceed the expectation of our clients by delivering quality investigation services at an affordable rate. We listen to the needs of our clients and perform with the highest level of discretion and integrity. Our mission is to be the best private investigators to all our potential clients. If you are looking for video or photographic surveillance investigation services, Investigators Australia has you covered. Give us a call today to learn more about our incredible video and photographic surveillance services. We also offer tons of other investigation services that could benefit you greatly.

The work of a private investigator requires investigative skills and, in some cases, covert operations. Investigators Australia uses top of the line technology to provide high-quality video and photographic evidence for our clients no matter the need. If you need photographic or video evidence for a court case, or to gain peace of mind, call our team to learn just how we can help you.

There are many definitions of surveillance. The definition you choose depends on the situation. Regarding private investigation, video and photographic surveillance is defined as the physical documentation an observation of a person and or business. In terms of investigation, it is the practice of watching a subject to document interactions as well as the whereabouts of that person.

Surveillance is used in many cases, such as:

  • missing person searches
  • cheating spouse investigations
  • reoccurring theft
  • workers compensation cases
  • fraud investigations
  • criminal investigations
  • reoccurring vandalism

Video or photographic surveillance is a great way to provide physical evidence need it to win a court case, settle a dispute, or file charges against an individual. Investigators Australia has all the latest technology necessary to provide top of the line surveillance for any case you bring to us.

Why is Surveillance Necessary to an Investigation?

We all know that surveillance is used by the government for intelligence gathering as well as the prevention of crime. It is also use for the protection of a process, person, group, or the investigation of a crime. Surveillance may also be used by businesses to gather intelligence information about their competitors, suppliers, and in some cases their customers. However, video or photographic surveillance is sometimes necessary for an investigation and in many cases is the only way to provide the evidence needed for settling a legal matter, such as proving someone’s innocence or guilt.

Some of the reason’s surveillance is necessary include:

  • to prevent a crime
  • obtain evidence of that crime
  • obtain evidence for a civil suit
  • physically document a person’s location
  • document activities in or around a location
  • obtain information for interrogation or questioning purposes
  • to be used as evidence in court

Television and movies have shown a world where personal information is readily available, and everything you need to know about someone can be found online. Here in real life, however, that is not the case. Surveillance is a very useful tool for uncovering information about a person or business and is often a very important piece of evidence to have.

Understanding the Types of Surveillance

There are many types of surveillance, such as electronic, physical observation, interviews, and technology. The most common types of surveillance include:

  • Computer surveillance is the monitoring data of traffic on the Internet. Computers can be used as a surveillance target because of the amount of personal data that is stored on them.
  • Phone surveillance, whether it be official or unofficial taping of the telephone line is another common form of surveillance. Mobile phones are often used to collect location data to track a person’s whereabouts.
  • Surveillance cameras are used to observe or document an area or person. Surveillance cameras capture photographic as well as video recordings that can be used as evidence in many investigations.
  • Social media network analysis is another form of surveillance that is commonly used by investigators. This type of surveillance is used to create maps of social networks based on the data from social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This cannot only provide investigators with a person’s location, but their daily activities as well.
  • Conducting interviews is another way investigator can discover as much information as possible about a person or business. Investigators may interview family members, neighbors, friends, and even coworkers of the person in question.
  • Audio recordings may also be used during an investigation. This can be anything from using a listening device, to simply recording an interview with a person.
  • Physical observation is when an investigator physically follows and watches a person or business in question. This can potentially include multiple investigators who made use any of the above methods to collect evidence.

What can an Investigator Learn from the Use of Surveillance?

You never really know a person until you watch them throughout the day. Surveillance is a great way to uncover any deception that can be extremely harmful to our clients. If you have questions that need answering, our surveillance services can help. We use all the latest technology and methods to help you get the answers you deserve.

There are many instances where surveillance can help a person gain peace of mind on a particular question or concerned they may have. Our investigators have worked on every personal and or business matter you can imagine over the last five years. The evidence we have gathered has helped our clients with many cases whether it be criminal, civil, or to gain information about a person they were struggling to trust.

Many things are learned when our investigators use surveillance methods to gain information. Things such as where a person lives, works, shops, who their friends are, their favorite Hangouts, and any other behaviors. The information gathered from this type of investigating can be used to locate a long lost family member, check up on an unfaithful partner, find out if a person in your businesses stealing, and even help you learn if a family member is struggling with an addiction they are trying to hide. In many cases surveillance is the only way to gather definitive evidence of a situation such as infidelity or in family law cases if a parent is not a suitable guardian. From a business standpoint, surveillance can help you determine if a business is acting in breach of their license, or if a coworker or employee is conducting dishonest actions in the workplace.

Surveillance is also a great way to gather evidence of harassment, vandalism, stalking, or damage to property. Surveillance can be used in almost any situation where you need an expert observer to document evidence.

How Can Surveillance Help an Investigation?

Surveillance is often essential for private investigators who are working on various types of cases ranging from missing persons to insurance fraud, theft and vandalism as well as determining if a person is fit to have child custody or visitation rights. Surveillance is all about up close and detailed observation of a person or business to gather facts that can be used to build a case. This can be anything from watching a store that has been repeatedly broken into or watching a person who has an insurance claim for an injury. In almost every surveillance case, technology plays a major role in getting private investigators the evidence they need to bring to their clients. In many cases surveillance is the only way to answer questions for a client who is in doubt.

Our clients who come to us for surveillance investigation services aren’t just insurance companies or businesses, they are partners questioning the faithfulness of their spouse, they’re parents searching for a missing child, family members who are worried about a loved one who may be struggling with an addiction, someone searching for a long lost family member, a father trying to gain custody or visitation of their child, and or someone trying to protect their property or a person. So, when questioning whether surveillance can help an investigation, the answer is yes. Actions speak louder than words, therefore watching someone or someplace closely whether it be physically watching or using video or photographic surveillance, you can learn a lot about a situation.

What to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Surveillance Investigator

It is important to keep in mind that surveillance is planned carefully and carried out by a licensed investigation team with expertise in handling sensitive matters. If you try to conduct surveillance yourself or use an unlicensed investigator you will not only jeopardize the investigation, but if the person discovers you under surveillance you may never get the answers you are searching for. We are the investigation company chosen by law firms and corporations because we take time to consider not only our client’s objectives, but you carefully plan the investigation so that we not only minimize costs but also maximize the likelihood of gathering information needed. We operate lawfully so that you can be sure you are not at risk of any legal difficulties, and your evidence can be used in court if necessary.

There are many things to keep in mind when hiring an investigator for surveillance. These things include:

  • ensuring the investigator is licensed
  • the investigator has the proper tools and necessary skill to guarantee success
  • that there are no complaints filed against the investigator in question
  • the investigator has knowledge of the legal component’s other surveillance
  • The investigator can provide you with photographic and video proof of the surveillance session conducted

The most important thing to be sure of is that the investigator is reputable and licensed. All our investigators are highly skilled, trained, and licensed, which means any evidence collected during surveillance can be used in court.

What to Discuss with Your Private Investigator When It Comes to Surveillance Services.

When setting up investigation services, there are many things you need to discuss with our investigators. When hiring an investigator, it is important to discuss the fees and required services before the investigation begins. A private investigator who specializes in surveillance is particularly useful in gathering information on the behaviors a location of a given person or business. Typically, a surveillance investigator will utile eyes video recording technology as well as GPS tracking to locate and collect evidence on a subject. It is important to discuss the goals and process of surveillance investigation services with the investigator so that both parties have a thorough understanding of the evidence that needs to be collected. Video Surveillance technology is probably the most useful in a court setting because its records images of the behavior of the individual, which can be used as definitive proof in a legal matter.

It is often difficult at the beginning of an investigation to know what it is you are looking for. You can’t expect results from the first day. If the goal of the investigation is to get a background check, then the investigator needs time to determine behaviors and habits of the subject. Once information has been gathered the investigator will prepare a report for you with all the gathered information. You can then use this information for its intended purpose including for court testimony. To prevent accusations of infringing on a subject’s privacy and to guarantee the most successful investigation you should always hire one of our licensed and reputable private investigators. When you hire investigators Australia you can be sure of not only the legality on the information collected, but that our team will save you time, energy, and most importantly money.

The surveillance investigation is a professional service provided by Investigators Australia. Surveillance can be used in almost any situation where you lead an independent, professional observer to gather documentable evidence. When you hire us to conduct your surveillance investigation you know you are getting the best service possible. There is no substitute for having a professional license investigator to observe the subject or business and gather evidence related to the case. To put it best, surveillance will always get the best results. If you were looking for a company to provide surveillance services for you or your business no matter what the reason, contact Investigators Australia today.