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Who Are The Clients Of A Private Investigator

Who Are The Clients Of A Private Investigator

Australian Investigation has been in the business for more than 30 years. We offer investigative services to all kinds of clients, from organizations, businesses, and any individual, regardless of the nature of the concern and the location. About two-thirds of the work that we do is to collect evidence to be used for legal disputes in court or simply to give our clients peace of mind.

As stated on our services page, we offer a wide range of services. In fact, we have the broadest range of services when compared to other investigation firms in Australia. We are able to provide support for all your investigation needs. So, it’s time to stop dealing with the unknown. Leave it to us and we will uncover the truth on your behalf.

More than half of our clients are individuals that need help in their personal lives, whether it’s about family conflicts, domestic disputes, problems with employers, and more. About 20% of the work that we do is intended for legal use, while 20% is for business, both large and small. We also help local government units, councils, and organizations.

There’s generally no difference in the type of services that we provide to our individual clients and lawyers. Perhaps the only exception is the investigation that involves a cheating partner, a service that we rarely provide to lawyers.

The rest of the services that we provide is aimed at helping to resolve legal disputes or simply assist an individual in finding answers to uncertainties. As for our business clients, they generally hire us for the same reason that law firms do, except when it comes to disputed wills and family law investigations.

Most of the services that we provide are actually difficult to categorize. Our time is spent mostly in answering client’s queries and then providing personalized service depending on the nature of their issues. One of the services that we provide that cannot be easily categorized is in identifying the exact location of a person.

Another is offering advice on matters concerning identity fraud and providing consultation to a client about a security or safety issue. We also help gather evidence that will serve as proof of a breach of contract and identify a person responsible for harassment, blackmail, etc.

Here at Australian Investigation, we will be happy to discuss your issue and provide a free consultation. Whatever it is that’s bothering you, don’t hesitate to open up to us. We will try our best to assist you and propose a strategy that can best address your issue. You’re not obligated to hire us during the first consultation.

What we will do is offer you options and we will leave you to decide on whether you will push through with our proposal or not.  Take time to review our proposal and if you have any questions, just raise it to us and we would be happy to give you a clear explanation.

Services for Lawyers

Lawyers may need the help of an investigator in his or her case at some point in their career life. This is where we can help. For instance, commercial lawyers who need to represent business against a customer, supplier, shareholder, or competitor may need the help of investigators in doing background checks.

In this case, our private investigator will do close monitoring or surveillance to help the client learn more about the person against whom the litigation was made.

Meanwhile, computer forensics can also provide assistance to our client to validate or invalidate a fraud committed. Our computer forensic experts can also help handle cases concerning breach of confidentiality, acceptance of the contract, breach of duty, breach of laws, and more.

On the other hand, our signature and handwriting forensics can help clients resolve disputes over a questionable contract. Furthermore, our forensic accountants can assist clients to uncover illegal activities by analyzing financial statements and they can also help quantify damages.

Family lawyers who are handling domestic disputes and fighting over child custody can rely on investigators in privately monitoring the other party involved. Our investigators will gather evidence that can be useful during court hearings. Over the past few years, we have had several clients who would come to us to ask for help for harassment, illegal monitoring, stalking, and bugging of former partners and spouses.

Whether a workplace lawyer represents the employer or employee, investigators might be needed to help further the case. For instance, employers who have been accused of unfair dismissal can hire us for close surveillance of the employee to justify the dismissal. We will also conduct interviews on parties involved and witnesses to the incidents.

Furthermore, our computer forensic experts will help establish whether a breach of confidential information was done and they can also help with handwriting and signature analysis to expose the person behind anonymous notes.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing employees might need the services of the private investigator to conduct interviews of other employees or gather evidence against a colleague who is accused of bullying.

Lawyers involved in estates might also need help in analyzing handwriting and signature in order to resolve disputes regarding testamentary documents. They might also need to hire the investigators for surveillance and background checks in order to resolve family disputes on provision claims.

For intellectual property lawyers who need help establish whether a certain trademark has been breached or if a patent was infringed can also benefit from our services. Surveillance and other related inquiries can be a huge help in this matter. To determine if a breach of confidentiality has been committed, such as copying of trade secrets and client lists, computer forensics can help you with this.

Criminal lawyers who need witness statements or digital forensics evidence to exonerate their clients can also get some help from private investigators. Lawyers involved in the other areas of law can use the private investigators to help them win the case, especially when there’s lack of evidence.